#  Data Science ,Machine Learning and AI Projects
1.Car price prediction 
2.Diabetes prediction
3.coronary Heart Disease prediction
4.spam message prediction
5.Covid-19 prediction from symptoms
6.Credit card Defaulter prediction
7.Breast cancer Prediction
8.Restaurant waiter Tips Prediction
9.Air Quality Prediction
10.Movie Recomendation system
11. HR Analytics
12.Medial Prediction and its cost using Random forest
13.Campus Recruitment Project
14.Cricket analysis Prediction 
15.customer Churn Prediction
16.Flight Booking Price Prediction using Time series
17.Credit card Fraud Prediction
18.Census Income prediction
19.Revenue Prediction using ML
20.Wallmart Project using Time Series

Web Development Projects
1.Hospital Management System
2.Airline Reservation Syatem
3.Train Ticket Booking system
4.Library Management system
5.HR  management system





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